Wedding Experience



1. Connection

2. Discovery

3. Engagement Session

4. Plan for
peace of mind

5. Your Wedding Day

6. Preserve your legacy

You’ve done your research, viewed my process, and decided that this is the experience you want. However, it’s also important that we are a good match with a comfortable connection. After you inquire, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you quickly to schedule a time to say hello. Whether it be over coffee, a beer, or zoom, we will ensure that we’re the best possible fit for each other.

No two Weddings are the same- so we don’t treat them that way. It’s important to understand your family, your bridal party, and your story. After we’ve uncovered everything that’s important to you, we’ll craft a custom collection to get you the wedding day of your dreams and photos to do it justice.

Couples who go this route will get a chance to put a pause on the wedding planning, and simply enjoy being engaged for a night. This season of your life only comes once, and having a night to celebrate it is priceless. Our approach is centered on being present and feeling natural,, and we’ll avoid anything to make it feel like we’re out on a photoshoot. When your wedding day comes, you will feel so confident with the process of having your photos taken, that you’ll actually enjoy it.

Nothing beats a concrete plan. We’ll work directly with you (and your planner if you have one) to solidify a comfortable, stress free timeline emphasizing what’s most important to you. We’ll take the time to learn more about your family and bridal party, and why those relationships are so important to you. By the time we’ve taken care of all the planning, you will be looking forward to your wedding more than ever before. 

By this point in time, you have been gifted with so much confidence that you can do the one thing you showed up for- Be Present. Enjoy the interactions you have with your loved ones. Breathe in the air, and feel the Earth beneath your feet. You will be left with unforgettable moments you’ll want to relive over, and over again.

Your photos deserve so much more love than sitting on your hard drive. We believe that life belongs in print. Approximately 6 weeks after your Wedding, we’ll get together and look through your Wedding photos for the first time. After reminiscing on each and every moment, you’ll get to pick your favorite photos to go into your professionally designed, heirloom album. This is no scrapbook- this is a piece of home furnishing that will serve you and the future generations to come.